What to do with a warped mind like mine?

What to do with a warped mind like mine? Lets put it on the internet!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Its been a while world. Sorry, school happens.
Today id like to share the bizarre and disturbing dream i had last night with you all.
I have no idea where the hell i was just some sort of forest. I was with Jenna, a very very dear Friend of mine. We explored around these woods until we found a small stream, for whatever reason She and I decided to walk in this river, up stream. After what felt like hours of walking through this stream we came to a tree that stood over the riverbed, the water seeming to come from underneath it. As we made our way towards the tree I noticed that I had Jenna's hand in mine, as she began to squeeze mine to the point of discomfort. I guess she didn't like it either. As we got close to the tree I noticed a large knife sticking into the trunk of the tree. As i approached to examine the knife i felt a drop on my forehead. I wiped it off and by chance looked at my hand, the smeared drop was red, blood red. As i looked up into the tree, i realized to my horror it was blood. There were hundreds of bodies hanging from the tree and its branches, each one hanging by the right arm, their hands being impaled through by a knife like the one in the trees trunk. Jenna yelping snapped me back to reality. I spun to her, she was looking up as well. I walked up to her, bringing her into my arms comforting her, telling her we would be Okay. Suddenly her body turned ice cold, through her clothes, and she pushed away from me. She looked up at me with her eyes shut, she looked like she was in pain. Suddenly her eyes flew open. They were black. All black. She seemed to stare right through me. "You have searched, you have found" she said, almost like a zombie. It was like she was talking to someone who was behind me. So i checked over my shoulder, and he was there. A man, easily seven and a half feet tall was directly behind me. I swore and tried to spin to push him away, but before i could make contact, i felt a stabbing pain in my back and then in my chest. I looked down and discovered a blade sticking out of my chest. As it twisted, i heard Jenna's voice again, "The Hunter is the Hunted". As i fell to the ground i woke up. My bed soaked in cold sweat. Fun shut.

On a different note, i got some good grades in school, found some new music. Good deal. Lets see if i can sleep tonight.

Also, Some dude sent me a friends request, I'm literally his only friend. Weird stuff.

Ill post again soon, Pz interweb.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today has been a sad day indeed. Not only was there a loss of a life, but today I've seen the best and worst of people. It truly amazes me how people react to death, sadness, anger, confusion, and some people just don't give a damn. How anyone can be that cold is beyond me, but alas, sadly people have their rights to speak, even though today i would have been OK with Ali baba and his Taliban friends cracking down and ripping the girls tongue out. Or chopping her fingers off to silence her from the Internet.

Anyways, on a positive note, god smiled on us today, and we did NOT get destroyed by an ice storm tonight, which im sooo happy about. Why? Because that's right, the grade school wonder of snow has passed, and school closing is no longer a good thing. I have 15 weeks to get a college education in, College closing means i have to teach myself it, and i DONT DONT DONT want to do that. Im paying good money for me to go to school, so i might as well make it worth it.

That's my blogging for today baby. Peace out

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What is Value?

Hi world. Anyone out there? Didn't think so.
First I'd like to ask a simple question, if one pays thousands of dollars to a school, you'd think they'd keep their severs running, correct? Well my lovely institution doesn't seem to think so, and when this means no access to the email account that keeps you in contact with the school you might be getting athletic scholarships? Not cool. Seriously. Mega Freekout.
Anyways, just a random thought for the world, what exactly is the point of trying to be 'the good guy'? I've tried this approach for my whole life, and lately Ive discovered its turned me not into a gentlemen in the eyes of those i love, and desire, but a doormat. I've gone through hell for people, and gotten nothing but the cold shoulder. It makes a guy feel wonderful. So here's the question of the day, in order to make myself more appealing to others, do i shed the skin of the nice guy, and release my inner douche bag? Because the whole, you ll find someone jazz isn't working so well.
Also, for the record, girls. Be careful how you use the phrase, "you're like a brother to me". It can hurt. Alot.


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Blast From The Past

Hi world, Ive been cleaning out my flashdrives, and i discovered some of my old creative writing work, so i figured id post it for your reading pleasure.

Do Not Follow

Don’t follow that girl, don’t give her your heart,
Ignore the dark brown hair, the brilliant green eyes,
Be cause if you don’t, shell rip you apart

You’ll play your cards, shrug the warnings saying it isn’t smart,
But soon you will find, love, like all things, dies,
Don’t follow that girl, don’t give her your heart

Shell look into your eyes, into your soul and beg for your heart,
But fight, fight, fight those damned eyes!
Because if you don’t shell rip you apart

Her body is perfect, like a statue, or a piece of art,
Your thoughts will race, your heart will soar, fly!
Don’t follow that girl, don’t give her your heart

Your parents know evil when they see it, your mother begs “oh sweetheart!’
Your friends will resist, but you just turn your back and say “goodbye”
Because now that you have, shell rip out your heart

The damage is done, your falling apart,
Those who warned you before, can do naught but sigh,
‘Don’t follow that girl, don’t give her your heart,
Because if you do, shell rip you apart.


An Assassination

The freezing blast of wind seemed to come out of nowhere. The fat man took one last puff of his cigar, and flicked it over the balcony. He took a last glimpse of the shining lights of Manhattan, and made his way back inside. He waddled his way over to his favorite lounging spot, a sturdy looking arm chair next to a well crafted fireplace, which was currently roaring, spilling a warm heat into the room. As he plopped down, he took a deep breath and sighed, maybe now he could relax. The death threats he had been receiving the past few days have been giving his staff a higher than usual paranoia level, and it was getting on his nerves. After all, anytime a big business man like him decided to build a new property, they would have a group of tree hugging maniacs that would be an endless pain in the side. But no, this group wasn’t happy with his new plans for a new shopping center that would require the lives of a couple hundred trees, oh well. Once they went shopping at the new area maybe they will appreciate it. He never got to relax, because at that moment Wallace, his short, but ever loyal assistant cane bashing thorough the doors.
“Mr. Green! Mr. Green!’
Green gave out a grunt of discontent, knowing his breif moment of peace was over.
“What do you want Wallace?” he croaked
“He’s dead sir! Henry is dead!” He squealed
“Henry? The Gardener?” He asked in surprise
“Yes sir, I was on my way to a car, and I came upon his body, he was shot! Sir we need to get out of here, I fear someone is here after you!”
Mr. Green grunted, knowing his assistant had his best interests in mind.
“Wallace, I’m sure it was just a freak accident, a robbery or something, this building is safe, I don’t pay all this money for a home that isn’t well protected. Just take a few deep breaths can call the police”
Wallace was not at all pleased with the lax stance he had towards the murder that had just taken place, an event like this would have bothered him on a normal basis, but with the threats that had been made in the last few weeks, and they were extra concerning. But there was no point in fighting with him. He walked back into the living room to retrieve his phone from his coat.
Green, let out a sigh, and lowered himself once again into his chair. He stretched his arms in the air, and his back made a loud crack. A few seconds later, he heard another. But this time it wasn’t his back. He jumped up, and threw the door open, Wallace was lying motionless on the ground in a growing patch of red. Over him was a tall figure in all black, carrying a handgun. His heart stopped, then immediately kicked back into action, with surprising agility for a man his size he whirled back into his bedroom, slamming the door shut. He was expecting for the crack of more gunshots, but none came.
He scanned the room for something to defend himself with, of course there was nothing. He had never seen the point of owning a weapon figuring in his overconfidence that no one would ever get close enough to him for him to even consider using it. Oh how he regretted that now. He grabbed a desk lamp he had sitting on a table, bringing it up to his shoulder like a baseball bat. He had never been any good at the game as a child, but he was confident he could buy himself some time with a good swing or two. Before he could get good footing, the door smashed open, going into a blind panic, he closed his eyes and swung hard as he could towards the door, and to his surprise he made contact with something, followed by a muffled crunch and a grunt of pain. He opened his eyes in shock to see the figure holding its arm. Now was his chance, if he was going to have one, he grabbed the figure and threw him aside, and ran for his life. Unfortunately for him, years and years of sitting behind a desk didn’t keep him in tip top shape, so over the years his run had become a distinct waddle. He fled for his life down the stars, into the long hallway that led to the exit of the building, to possible salvation. He made it about fifteen feet, when he was knocked clear off his feet onto his face. He was rolled over, and he saw the figure had him pinned to the ground, a shining silver knife in his hand.
“Please! Don’t! Ill do whatever you want, just don’t kill me! I don’t want it to end like this!” He cried, but his cries soon turned into unrecognizable oaths.

The figure raised the knife, and plunged it into his chest. Mr. Green gasped as a heavy force slammed into his chest; he sat up with a gasp. What he had just seen and experienced had been a dream. But what he saw before him was not. Crimson blood flowed from his chest, and sticking from the center of it was a long dagger. He reached a shaking hand towards the knife, in a vein attempt to remove the weapon and save himself. But it was to much, his hand dropped to the bed. He raised his eyes to look at the one who had ended his life. His heart broke upon seeing the man he considered to be his closest and loyal companion.
“Why?” he croaked
“Sorry Green, the eco-geeks pay more than you ever would, and I did warn you not to move on with the project, but no, you didn’t listen to me, just like usual. But don’t worry, this will be over in a second, I promise.”
He told the truth, with a few final gasps, oaths and curses, Mr. Green was no more.

Thanks for reading.

Blue and Orange


Politics for me?

Hello my faithful 2 followers, im back.
Today’s topic? Well, the other day i saw on the TV the other day that Snooki, the chick from Jersey Shore has released some bestselling book. Question. WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TOO? I feel like today’s society is becoming more and more like the people from Idiocracy, the cheesy ass time travel movie. Never heard of it? Look it up.
ANYWAYS if this dumb bimbo can write a BEST SELLING book, shit, i should be a politician. Why not? I already say loads of shit that i never wind up doing, might as well get paid for it eh? Besides, if good ol George W. can do it, why can’t i?
Or maybe i could be a rock star. Or a rocket scientist! The sky is the limit, apparently

Blue and Orange

Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Tim Tebow is a GOOD thing!

Thats right, im a Broncos/Tebow fan. You dont like that? Might want to stop looking at my blog. Thats right RUN!
If youve remotely been following the Denver Broncos sense John Elway has left the team, youll know theyve been nothing special. Every ounce of hope theyve had is traded or retires way to early. (Ex: Terell Davis, Brandon Marshal, Jay f***ing Cutler.) Well, in the early months for 2010, the Broncos picked up if not THE best college Quaterback in history, they got one of the best. Along with the skill Tebow brings to the table, he also brings one of the best attitudes, in the modern football world. Which is a breath of fresh air, following Jay Cutler, bragging about being better than John Elway (which is impossible), or the shenanigans of Brandon Marshal the past few years.
Now they have Tebow, who being an open man of God, whos not ashamed to admit it, here in the big leauges, prepared to prove himself. I mean, they have GOD on their side now, how can they go wrong?
But in the words of every famous rapper. There be the haters, (AKA every sports news guy in the known world.) So all i have to say is in the end, theres two words that are all that matters. SCORE BOARD


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