What to do with a warped mind like mine?

What to do with a warped mind like mine? Lets put it on the internet!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

What is Value?

Hi world. Anyone out there? Didn't think so.
First I'd like to ask a simple question, if one pays thousands of dollars to a school, you'd think they'd keep their severs running, correct? Well my lovely institution doesn't seem to think so, and when this means no access to the email account that keeps you in contact with the school you might be getting athletic scholarships? Not cool. Seriously. Mega Freekout.
Anyways, just a random thought for the world, what exactly is the point of trying to be 'the good guy'? I've tried this approach for my whole life, and lately Ive discovered its turned me not into a gentlemen in the eyes of those i love, and desire, but a doormat. I've gone through hell for people, and gotten nothing but the cold shoulder. It makes a guy feel wonderful. So here's the question of the day, in order to make myself more appealing to others, do i shed the skin of the nice guy, and release my inner douche bag? Because the whole, you ll find someone jazz isn't working so well.
Also, for the record, girls. Be careful how you use the phrase, "you're like a brother to me". It can hurt. Alot.


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  1. I was seriously just thinking the same stuff dude