What to do with a warped mind like mine?

What to do with a warped mind like mine? Lets put it on the internet!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Politics for me?

Hello my faithful 2 followers, im back.
Today’s topic? Well, the other day i saw on the TV the other day that Snooki, the chick from Jersey Shore has released some bestselling book. Question. WHAT HAS THE WORLD COME TOO? I feel like today’s society is becoming more and more like the people from Idiocracy, the cheesy ass time travel movie. Never heard of it? Look it up.
ANYWAYS if this dumb bimbo can write a BEST SELLING book, shit, i should be a politician. Why not? I already say loads of shit that i never wind up doing, might as well get paid for it eh? Besides, if good ol George W. can do it, why can’t i?
Or maybe i could be a rock star. Or a rocket scientist! The sky is the limit, apparently

Blue and Orange

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