What to do with a warped mind like mine?

What to do with a warped mind like mine? Lets put it on the internet!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Its been a while world. Sorry, school happens.
Today id like to share the bizarre and disturbing dream i had last night with you all.
I have no idea where the hell i was just some sort of forest. I was with Jenna, a very very dear Friend of mine. We explored around these woods until we found a small stream, for whatever reason She and I decided to walk in this river, up stream. After what felt like hours of walking through this stream we came to a tree that stood over the riverbed, the water seeming to come from underneath it. As we made our way towards the tree I noticed that I had Jenna's hand in mine, as she began to squeeze mine to the point of discomfort. I guess she didn't like it either. As we got close to the tree I noticed a large knife sticking into the trunk of the tree. As i approached to examine the knife i felt a drop on my forehead. I wiped it off and by chance looked at my hand, the smeared drop was red, blood red. As i looked up into the tree, i realized to my horror it was blood. There were hundreds of bodies hanging from the tree and its branches, each one hanging by the right arm, their hands being impaled through by a knife like the one in the trees trunk. Jenna yelping snapped me back to reality. I spun to her, she was looking up as well. I walked up to her, bringing her into my arms comforting her, telling her we would be Okay. Suddenly her body turned ice cold, through her clothes, and she pushed away from me. She looked up at me with her eyes shut, she looked like she was in pain. Suddenly her eyes flew open. They were black. All black. She seemed to stare right through me. "You have searched, you have found" she said, almost like a zombie. It was like she was talking to someone who was behind me. So i checked over my shoulder, and he was there. A man, easily seven and a half feet tall was directly behind me. I swore and tried to spin to push him away, but before i could make contact, i felt a stabbing pain in my back and then in my chest. I looked down and discovered a blade sticking out of my chest. As it twisted, i heard Jenna's voice again, "The Hunter is the Hunted". As i fell to the ground i woke up. My bed soaked in cold sweat. Fun shut.

On a different note, i got some good grades in school, found some new music. Good deal. Lets see if i can sleep tonight.

Also, Some dude sent me a friends request, I'm literally his only friend. Weird stuff.

Ill post again soon, Pz interweb.

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