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Monday, July 26, 2010

Why Tim Tebow is a GOOD thing!

Thats right, im a Broncos/Tebow fan. You dont like that? Might want to stop looking at my blog. Thats right RUN!
If youve remotely been following the Denver Broncos sense John Elway has left the team, youll know theyve been nothing special. Every ounce of hope theyve had is traded or retires way to early. (Ex: Terell Davis, Brandon Marshal, Jay f***ing Cutler.) Well, in the early months for 2010, the Broncos picked up if not THE best college Quaterback in history, they got one of the best. Along with the skill Tebow brings to the table, he also brings one of the best attitudes, in the modern football world. Which is a breath of fresh air, following Jay Cutler, bragging about being better than John Elway (which is impossible), or the shenanigans of Brandon Marshal the past few years.
Now they have Tebow, who being an open man of God, whos not ashamed to admit it, here in the big leauges, prepared to prove himself. I mean, they have GOD on their side now, how can they go wrong?
But in the words of every famous rapper. There be the haters, (AKA every sports news guy in the known world.) So all i have to say is in the end, theres two words that are all that matters. SCORE BOARD


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