What to do with a warped mind like mine?

What to do with a warped mind like mine? Lets put it on the internet!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Today has been a sad day indeed. Not only was there a loss of a life, but today I've seen the best and worst of people. It truly amazes me how people react to death, sadness, anger, confusion, and some people just don't give a damn. How anyone can be that cold is beyond me, but alas, sadly people have their rights to speak, even though today i would have been OK with Ali baba and his Taliban friends cracking down and ripping the girls tongue out. Or chopping her fingers off to silence her from the Internet.

Anyways, on a positive note, god smiled on us today, and we did NOT get destroyed by an ice storm tonight, which im sooo happy about. Why? Because that's right, the grade school wonder of snow has passed, and school closing is no longer a good thing. I have 15 weeks to get a college education in, College closing means i have to teach myself it, and i DONT DONT DONT want to do that. Im paying good money for me to go to school, so i might as well make it worth it.

That's my blogging for today baby. Peace out